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"There seems to be no one left in Ukraine who hasn't been woken up at 4 a.m. by bombs exploding... I'm no exception. I'll never forget that day. Pain, fear, panic and the uncertainty of what when Next will happen, will there be a new day, will we survive... Every day rockets flew, every minute people died, someone ran into the unknown and left their happy life in the past... Life had become futile . I realized what it means to be a refugee. Everything I loved, dreamed about, fought about - everything stayed in my previous life. Life will never be the same. And you never will be the same anymore. Never."


Kostya K., 4th year student, Kramatorsk district

"The Ukrainian nation has survived on its own for centuries, proving its right to independence through the sheer faith that creativity has awakened in us. At all times and in different circumstances, Ukrainians have had an indestructible spirit and unity that has preserved our culture. We are strong and invincible as long as our spirit and our word - WILL, HOPE and INDEPENDENCE - are with us."

Olga K.

"A century-long struggle for Ukrainian independence. The Cossacks have fought for freedom and independence since ancient times.

Ukraine, with its borders, has been an independent state since 1991. Today, because of numerous missile bombings, our country suffers. Soldiers of our army daily defend Ukraine and its independence from attacks of ...ocia. I believe that Ukraine will win, and my generation was the last to see war..."

Anna B., 20 years old

"Even in the embraces of your most loved ones it is dangerous. No place is safe. Whatever choice you make, you risk your life everywhere. I felt it, as most of us do. Despair and fear that will live in the memory forever."

Alina P., 23 years old

"Anger. Indignation. A thirst to fight back. These feelings arose on the morning of February 24th and still live on, burning inside, knowing no compassion or peace. Pain and anger are always together. 

But we will resist no matter what. Let us take revenge and be reborn!"

Anastasia L., 20 years old