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Dear students, dear people interested in art and culture, 


Today Ukraine is under martial law. Kharkiv has suffered a heavy fate. The Russian army is taking a heavy toll on our city, destroying thousands of administrative and residential buildings, hospitals, maternity homes, and educational institutions. Many people lay down their lives to defend the freedom and independence of their homeland and to save world civilization and democracy. 


The war has greatly changed the lives of all of us. Recently we lived in one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine - Kharkiv. Each of us was pursuing his favorite activity, had big plans for the future, students were preparing new projects for participation in international competitions, and developing interesting and creative works. 


We, the professors and staff of Skovoroda National Pedagogical University, are aware of the importance of culture and education for the peaceful resolution of many problems, and that education is essential for Ukraine and peace in the world.  


Our students and teachers are resilient. They work hard and try to complete their tasks sitting in the basement, using all available materials, any paper, newspaper, and magazine pages, and chalk on the walls of bomb shelters...


Despite the difficult conditions, teachers and students of the Department of Design have created a project "STOP WAR" in order to make society aware of the current living conditions of students and to appeal to each individual to become aware of the situation. We all believe that nothing is more important in this world than peace, life, and love.

The Pedagogical Institute

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One of the oldest pedagogical higher educational institutions in Ukraine, it was founded in 1804.
Skovoroda National Pedagogical University dates back to the times of Russian Empire, since 1804, when the Pedagogical Institute was founded by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I. Professor Christoph Rommel, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Marburg, has made an important contribution to the history of the university's development from 1810 to 1815. At the University of Skovoroda he was professor of Roman literature and antiquities and was appointed director of the Pedagogical Institute and chairman of the Academy.

In 1917 the Pedagogical Institute was merged with the Institute for Noble Maidens. In 1945 the Kharkiv State Pedagogical Institute was named after Grigory Skovoroda as a symbol of intergenerational connection in fulfilling important tasks of education and upbringing. The Institute has 14 faculties, 54 departments.

On 06.07.2022, the university was hit by a missile. On the same day, Ukrainian President Zelensky said in a speech: "Today in Kharkiv the Pedagogical University was destroyed by a Russian missile strike - the main building, the lecture halls, the university museum and the scientific library. This characterises the Russian invasion with 100% accuracy. This attack best defines what barbarism is. Only an enemy of civilisation and humanity can do such a thing - launch missiles at a university, an educational university."


In 2022, the 90th anniversary of the Kharkiv School of Psychology, whose birthplace was the Kharkiv Pedagogical University, will be celebrated. The well-known psychologists L.S. Vigotsky, O.R. Luria, O.M. Leontiev, P.I. Zinchenko and P. Galperin worked here.


This year also marks the 300th birthday of Skovoroda, after whom the university is named. This great Ukrainian philosopher, poet, storyteller and educator made a significant contribution to East Slavic culture and left a lasting mark on human history.


The Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has decided to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Hryhoriy Skovoroda's birth in 2022-2023.

project participants


Anastasia Tynynyka

Lecturer in design

Kharkiv Pedagogical University

Maria Kuratova


Design Lecturer at the Pedagogical Institute in Kharkiv. 


Prof. Dr. Jochen Musch

Professor of Psychological Assessment and Differential Psychology, University of Düsseldorf.


Lisa Gandlin

Psychology Student at the University of Düsseldorf. 

Yanina Storozheva

Organization and Translation

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